#childsafetytips | ‘I’m a mum of six – I teach my kids to swear to keep safe from strangers’

Mum-of-six and motivational speaker Chauvon Landry has shared her top tip for making sure her kids are safe from people they don’t know – and wants other parents to know the tactic

Chauvon has shared her top tip for keeping her kids safe from strangers

Parents are always going to worry about their kids, although most will agree – you can’t keep an eye on them all the time.

That’s why it’s so important for parents to teach their little ones how to keep themselves safe, passing on valuable lessons they can teach their own children one day.

Parents teach their kids all sorts of tactics to ensure their safety, including running to a trustworthy adult if they’re frightened and not engaging with strangers.

One mum-of-six, who works as a motivational speaker, has shared her top tip for ensuring her children stay safe – and she thinks others should adopt the same tactic.

Chauvon says she’s a mother of six



She encourages her children to swear if they’re ever in danger



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Chauvon Landry, who posts on TikTok under the handle @thelandryfamily504, said she teaches her kids a key “survival tactic” that is a little more colourful than tips we’ve heard in the past.

Chauvon admitted she hopes her own kids “never have to use” the tactic but that it “could save your child’s life.”

Speaking on the video, she said: “I taught them that if somebody tries to kidnap them or pulls them away from their family, don’t just scream.

“I need them to yell out every single curse word they can possibly think of.

“Because, think about it – if you’re at a playground or something like that and you hear a child scream, that’s not really alarming to you.

“But if you hear a child yelling out every single curse word, you’re going to stop mid-conversation and say, ‘hold on’ and look to see what’s going on with this child.”

Chauvon added the tactic will show strangers the child “doesn’t belong to this person” and that they are “calling out for help.”

Many other parents commented on Chauvon’s video to thank her for the helpful tip, which they thought was inspired.

One mum wrote: “Perfect tip! I’m definitely going to teach my babies this, thank you.”

Another said: “This is good! Hopefully, like you said, they never have to use it!”

Other parents joked their kids would be all too happy to use the tactic if it meant they were allowed to swear without getting in trouble.

One mum said: “My child would be secretly waiting on the day to come.”

Another said: “My child would be like, ‘well it’s my time to shine’.”

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