#childsafetytips | Officials Give Tips for Safe and Spooky Halloween

Witches, werewolves, ghosts, and goblins will fill the streets tonight for Halloween. Aside from the normal safety precautions for the night, this year public health guidelines must also be kept in mind.

The RCMP are reminding trick-or-treaters to remain visible as darkness descends. They should wear a bright costume, carry flashlights and glow sticks, or add reflective tape or armbands to their costumes.

Get-ups should fit properly to avoid falls. This goes for drivers too; costumes should not impair movement or affect your response time while on the road.

When out and about, children should always walk on the sidewalk or the left-hand side of the road facing traffic if there is no sidewalk. Never enter a house and only accept treats at the door.

If parents are not going with their kids, they should be aware of the route they plan to take.

Drivers are being advised to slow down and be extra vigilant as there will be increased activity on the streets

Health Officials Remind of COVID Guidelines for Trick-or-Treating

This year, there is also the added responsibility of adhering to COVID guidelines.

Health officials advise of the importance of social distancing, frequent hand washing, only heading out with those in your bubble, and not participating at all if you’re sick.

Those giving out treats should consider wrapping them individually and should drop the treats directly into the children’s bags.

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