#childsafetytips | OPP offer safety tips as backyard pools are most common cause of drowning for kids between 1 and 4

OPP are out with some tips to keep your kids safe when they go swimming in backyard pools, ponds and other bodies of water this summer.

The most common cause of drowning of children between one and four-years-old is backyard pools.

OPP say if you own a pool, you should make sure it has a 4′ high, four-sided fence with self-closing and latching gates.

Sergeant Ed Sanchuk says you always need to stay within sight and reach of your kids, especially young ones.

“You want to make sure you that you learn how to swim and have an experienced swimmer with a child at all times and someone who is trained in CPR,” said Sanchuk. “It’s probably one of the best investments that any of us can ever make, is to know CPR.”

Sanchuk says despite what you may think, drowning is actually extremely quiet and can happen quickly.

He says it’s important you know how to swim and you sign your child up for swimming lessons.

You should also make sure you have the proper emergency equipment available at your pool, like a phone to call 911, a first aid kit, a reach pole and a ring buoy with an attached rope.

Sanchuk adds you should also be sober when watching your kids in the pool.

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