Chinchilla Dave’s Skyrim Adventure! – “Stranger Danger” (Part 16)

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25 thoughts on “Chinchilla Dave’s Skyrim Adventure! – “Stranger Danger” (Part 16)

  1. Samuel .Lescelius

    When the woman said: “hope you know what you’re doing with those flames
    there” I thought of the time Dave made the joke about the firefox right
    before Dave said himself that she’s catching on.

  2. holifeet

    Now I’ve stopped crying, I can say how that was the single greatest You
    Tube video since the Chincilla one with Braith. The firefox comment had me
    in stitches.

  3. Jeffrey Feng

    I can’t find any of the BattleField videos. could someone help me by
    replying to this comment, saying the name of the video or a link. plz help!

  4. Neill Smith

    The chinchillian tradition: little shout of fear is the reason I subscribed
    so many skyrim adventures ago.