25 thoughts on “Choking Game Claims ANOTHER Life!

  1. scottishbadboytracks

    LOL!! My dad used to say me when i got caught doing something bad with my
    friends when i was a kid “if your mate stuck his hand in a fire would you
    do it?”

  2. iamufreakFUGGL

    I would like to agree, but I’ve seen all kinds of fucked up games. I’m from
    the chem/electronic set era. Lets see, we had the spin until you puke, the
    hold your breath while someone gives you a bear hug until you passed out.
    Kick each others balls, or the squeeze each others ball ’till one concedes
    or passes out. Surf the car hood. It’ll never stop. Kids don’t have a
    mature brain, they do things even the insane would not do.

  3. MmeDefarge (NYPD is Corrupt)

    Kids are bored. They don’t have toys anymore like we used to have, such as
    chemistry sets. They stopped making those & look what kids are doing now.
    Better off with the chemistry set.

  4. Mr. Andrews

    I did this once when I was I junior high. When I was out, there was a
    beautiful lady angel singing to me and pointing behind me. I mean that’s
    what I experienced, it could have just been the low oxygen creating a
    random dream, but who knows?

  5. StelmariaonE7

    Wow, things like this really makes me wonder. We live in a world with so
    much diversions. Not only do we have all the books and media from the past
    we have technology and games, etc etc. What special type of bored do you
    have to be to resort to asphyxiation as a form of entertainment?

  6. StelmariaonE7

    Upbringing? No one taught me about suffocation, not my parents not my
    school. One day when I was a tyke I thought “hmmm wonder what will happen
    when I hold my breath for a really long time.” so I did and found out that
    , wow, this is really uncomfortable maybe I shouldn’t do this any more. So
    I didn’t. I thought most kids learned this without having to put their
    hands around their throat.

  7. MmeDefarge (NYPD is Corrupt)

    Oddly, I was never interested in any of those games & except for the spin &
    puke thing, I never even heard of any of them. I was far too busy mixing
    household cleaning agents in with the chemicals supplied with my chemistry

  8. Polydynamix

    If you go back to the industrial revolution these kids would never have
    time to do silly things like this. They would be too busy assembling model

  9. MasterNameless77

    hahahahaha…idiots… I LISTENED TO MY PARENTS…tada! like magic… I am
    still here! I might have gone a step further and LEARNED MORE than what I
    was taught…fools…

  10. econogate

    Well, we did martial arts and would cause each other to black out by
    hitting the solar plexus, one time a friend asked it done to him and he
    blacked out fell straight forward and cracked his face on the concrete
    floor, worse cause he had braces on and his mouth was just rushing out
    blood, of course this was long time ago before all the stuff people now are
    bombarded with 24/7.