‘Choking game’ injures Ionia student

An Ionia High School student was injured last week after one of his teenage classmates walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around his neck.


25 thoughts on “‘Choking game’ injures Ionia student

  1. N3ontr33

    So if smoking weed is not legal, kids are going to choke themselves to
    death? Being high is better than being dead is your way of thinking? My
    Gawd…I swear this generation is completely retarded. Doctors should go on
    strike for at least 2 years and cull you fools out one by one.

  2. jdivergh22

    Funny thing is, he acted like the victim, when in actuality, him and his
    dumb ass friends wanted a quick high when at school. I’m sad to say I’m
    from Ionia, this is embarrassing, I went to school with this kid, and his
    mom actually gave me an after school detention back in the day, lmao

  3. N3ontr33

    Nice to see you again. I enjoy having followers. 🙂 These kids that have
    nothing better to do than to choke and be choked are followers too. You
    both have lots in common. Now go choke yourself ….ahahahaha!!! Nature has
    a way of culling the weak no matter how much doctors are capable of.

  4. lindsaykawaiichibi21

    @MsCarowinds i kno i go down to the park and play football everyday after
    school im the only girl in the school who plays football at my school

  5. N3ontr33

    If you have never tried anything like this before then I am not talking
    about you. I am not the “older generation” and I don’t watch TV. Goes to
    show how much you know. Don’t you have school in the morning? Go to bed.

  6. BaMbAmMuThAfUcKa

    @MizzLoveBear If you have such little power that you fall victim to peer
    presure for something this stupid, you have issues.

  7. N3ontr33

    This generation is nothing but addicted medicated babies born from weak
    adults who should have worn protection.

  8. johnwashere123

    @kightchill another thing that legalizing marijuana would save every one
    just needs smoke some weed and relax it will make every ones life better.

  9. kitsey4448

    haha everyone knows he was not forced into any thing he could have not
    played the freakin “game” he is one of the stupidest people on this earth

  10. 1PATRI0T

    It’s a sleeper hold. If done wrong you can break someones neck when they go
    limp, or crush their windpipe. It also kills brain cells, among other
    problems. I was the victim of this twice when I was a teen, but thought it
    was some sort of initiation to be in a particular group of kids and went
    along with it. When I tried it myself later on another kid, he passed out
    and had a siezure and foamed at the mouth… It was one of the scariest
    things I ever experienced and will never do it again.

  11. nightcrawler511

    i choked myself but for like 5 seconds, just to see what the fuss was about
    it i stopped i couldnt understand why people would do it to the point of
    wanting to passout thats crazy,

  12. Dissez503

    fuckin dumbass kids wtf… if they tell u no then don’t fuckin do it wtf is
    up with these stupid ass kids, i want to say they’re retarded but no, a
    retarded person could probably know better than to not let them go if they
    say stop. unbelievable.

  13. Ladiesman48321

    Guys, if you have tried it, you would know how hard it is to stop…. i
    know its hard to stop.

  14. namm7291

    this is a very dangerous drug u guys! it is out of control! I think its
    coming from down south those damm mexican narcos!

  15. insignia2543

    im a kid and your wrong maybe the stupid imbeciles do that but I myself
    have never partaken heard of or seen anyone play this game or take bath
    salts. Have you ever thought that maybe you perception of kids these days
    is out of wack and your watching too much CNN. The older generation has
    always had a problem with the younger generation nothing has changed only
    you have.

  16. Unfjun

    choking game is safe and fun! safer than driving, safer than crossing the
    street. choke-don’t smoke!

  17. Margarito DeBoer

    @MAmoviesRS prety sure nobody put a gun to his head and said” DO THIS OR IM
    GONNA BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT!!” . No ,.he did it , it was his decision 😐