Choking Game PSA

Drew and I made a public service announcement for our speech class. I play a 12 year old kid and Drew is my father.


25 thoughts on “Choking Game PSA

  1. gareth lloyd

    to bad your stupid cause this game has litarally been around forever like
    ourparents generations and stuff

  2. HisArmyWifey

    yes. u guys really did a great job. i never even heard of the “game” until
    yesterday. they didnt do it at my school. you should do more PSA’s about
    other subjects.

  3. minnie2035

    Swedboy5 , wheny ou play this game you cutoff your air supply to your
    brain, which obviously your brain needs oxygen to survive. The point of the
    game is to get a high by letting all the oxygen rush back to your head at a
    fast pace but if you make the wrong mistake of doing it to long you could
    kill yourself. You knock yourself unconscience and could actually stop the
    blood flow completely.

  4. adamdesi

    the game is dumb my friend tried to froce me to play it i just punched him
    in the face and said fu@# this game

  5. trttab123

    Very nice! My friends were playing this game during a substitution class,
    before the teacher arrive. When the teacher got in he caught them in the
    act. They said it was a game, but when the teacher started talking about
    expulsion, the choked one said it was not a game and that the choker tried
    to kill him. They should be both expelled but only the choker was. The
    choked is now considered as a liar and lost his all friends… -.-

  6. xXmehwafflezXx

    This game is bad my brother died because of this game please spred to word
    to stop this game once and for all!

  7. shyshyfw

    thank you for tryin to get the word out i just lost a nephew only 16 we are
    now tryin to get the word out check out brandon movie 0002 on you tube

  8. west49kids

    the choking game is horrible you dont no if you are going to die or if you
    are going to live there is so many reactions

  9. Deejaythornton

    My cousin died playing this and its something no family should have to go
    through it was the worst thing ever