Choking Game ~ Wake Up! Choking Game aka: Pass Out, Faint, Dreamland, Elevator, Space Monkey

Parents, Professionals and children need to know the truth about an activity teens and preteens are engaging in, The Choking Game aka Space Monkey. WARNING: …


25 thoughts on “Choking Game ~ Wake Up! Choking Game aka: Pass Out, Faint, Dreamland, Elevator, Space Monkey

  1. sneakaholic011

    tried this in middle school when i was just a stupid kid. it was awesome
    when someone did it to me. not so fun when i almost almost killed my best

  2. MrFunny434

    Yea this week and last week they made it huge deal out of this in the
    middle schools and high schools. The teachers call it the “Choking game”,
    where you basically put your hands on your nose and breath in deeply 10
    times and they hold your neck untill you pass out. Kids are calling it
    “Dreamland”, I havent tried it and wont even because its so stupid.

  3. Bonnie Evasiuk

    This game is not new!! It was happening 40 yrs ago.but no one knew anything
    about how bad it was or what it would do later. Now it has a name and
    families are losing there children. Are our children so bored with
    life,,not enough or just spoiled. Remember kick the can or hide and seek.
    We did this to them. Life was so much easier before. Damn,tv,video
    games,computors,cell phones ect. We were fine without them,,,,grew up
    without them!!!!!!!

  4. sabrina l

    i lost my little cousin to the choking game. her and her friends did it,
    she was brought to the hospital, but she was already gone. :'(

  5. rafafan1234

    I remember when I was in junior high a version of this game where instead
    of strangulation one kid would hold another kid in a bear hug across the
    lungs until the kid passed out. Seems kids never learn until one of their
    friends dies.

  6. Gitterdun1

    Ok the ones that are dying are those that go way too far with this. Is it
    dangerous yes, but so is life, it does no more damage than say smoking one
    cigarette and you don’t see the government doing much about them…The only
    reason they get a high is because they’re cutting off the oxygen that is
    going to their brain. If they use some type of ligature then it is more
    likely that they’re are gonna be without oxygen for too long.

  7. GONTH

    i feel so fucking bad wow iv’e done this soooooo many time just as a laugh
    and it feels funny but wtf was i thinking i got lucky i’ll never do it again

  8. TheKorrea1000

    this is very sad and this is a very serious matter and a very dangerous
    game that’s scary!!!! i would never play that stupid suicide game! that
    should call it the suicide game no one comes out alive!!!!!!

  9. Maddie Holt

    @ashleygh23 Weel you will bc you can get a blood clot and when that blood
    clot goes to your brain your dead SO I SUGGEST THAT YOU DONT DO AND IF YOU

  10. DampONion

    i’ve only ver done this once. my friends were all doin it so i thought i
    may asweell hav a go. wen they press on your chest your vision begins 2
    fade until u wake up having no clue were u were. btw i did this in school
    hours. its bnot fuking smrt. dont do it. we got found out and our biology
    teacher explained wat might haav happened. it scared te shit out of me. NOT
    SMART!! oh yeah and also. if being high is having a really bad headache 4
    te rest of the day and feelin sik then go ahead

  11. viliboy

    I was sixth grade or so when a schoolmate proposed to use a similar
    technique on me. I blacked out and hit my head from behind. I regained
    consciousness with severe headache. After that i experienced vision loss
    which really freaked me out. My teacher drove me to my home. I did it to
    myself a couple of times after that. I haven’t checked myself in hospital
    for brain damage but that was probably the most RETARDED thing i have ever
    done in my entire life. DON’T DO THAT KIDS!

  12. kaylaa406

    there is like 1/5 chances u will die , but this is still pretty stupid ,
    I’ll admit I used to do this when I was younger I used to do it at school
    and even with my boyfriend , and one time I fell down and blacked out and
    woke up a minute later and there was blood all over the floor. don’t do it
    it is still pretty dangerous and stupid and immature

  13. 69stonerfied

    this is possibly how i lost my 14 yr old little brother this year. i hope
    everyone waches this and become aware of what is going on and i hope our
    youth realizes its not a game 🙁 i love you joey and i miss you R.I.P
    joseph ferree strickland ♥ plz help spread awareness

  14. WPCsonikku

    I just saw reports of this on the news today of how teens are dying from
    this. I remember i tried this a few times with my friends in High school
    (about 4 years back). After some time I felt like an idiot for tring that
    game.It was funny at first, but thinking hard about it a few days later, it
    wasnt that funny at all. I never knew it could cause death like that till
    today,and I feel even worse for even trying the game Back then I was no
    different than any of these guys on this video