Choking Victim – Crack Rock Steady

Artist: Choking Victim Album: No Gods, No Managers Track: Crack Rock Steady.

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25 thoughts on “Choking Victim – Crack Rock Steady

  1. Scott Dombroski

    Looks like it’s Choking Victim, Leftover Crack (there ain’t no such thing),
    and INDK to get me going this morning. Party.

  2. Fil Combatant

    i saw them last year…ever heard of leftover crack? they’ve put out lots
    of records and also have another band called star fucking hipsters

  3. martinkickass1

    damn this sounds like some bitch shit but the cops pretty much saved my
    life yesterday…if me and my friends wouldn’t have gotten detained we
    probably would’ve been shot by enemigas down the street cause as soon as we
    left those fucking rats passed and banged on us….

  4. Adam Kopcinski

    Anarchists or not, black or white, I think killing cops is one thing we can
    all agree on…or at least living out the fantasy vicariously through a

  5. BeardleProductions

    No no, I have no problem with you man I was just in the mood for a debate.
    Sorry, don’t be offended, or hate me, I’v just realized the only way to get
    peoples true feeling in a debate is by sounding like a dick, I digress, no
    hard feeling, have a good one.

  6. dave fromouterspace

    to me sounded if this guy one day woke up and thought “what a nice day,
    what if i become an anarchist, tell people why they’re dumbs and i’m not?
    yeah…after breakfast”

  7. The Chexican

    >.> I don’t have a “clique.” In fact nobody I know holds the same beliefs I
    do. So please don’t make assumptions…Your comments also doesn’t make any
    sense because I mentioned nothing of leaders or people in control. P.S. If
    I followed what beliefs I was told to follow, I’d be sitting in church
    right about now.

  8. slawdify

    Completely free and unhindered market capitalism. A stateless body with
    full emphasis on individual sovereignty in a free market setting. All of
    the things that state education has taught you about the evils of
    capitalism: exploitation, oppression, war, slavery. whatever you’ve been
    taught. think of the source. the government takes a situation out of
    context, distorts, and forces you to accept that you NEED them. Governments
    must convince and force you to accept it. Research Ludwig von Mises.

  9. The Chexican

    Yes but you see. Just a simple “You’re stupid” doesn’t justify why they are
    stupid or ignorant. You have to explain to them why they are stupid. A man
    once said you have to be smart to know your stupid.

  10. TheAmokamoeba

    All i can say is, dont blame the cops for your misbehavior, they are their
    to protect the people too tired to give a f— about your ideas. And the
    cops are just as jacked up as you are so they can deal with all your crazy
    shit! to be honest i liked this band at the lowest point in my life. it is
    good music but it conveys some of the lowest depravity ever. i have to hand
    it to them for putting it in music form.

  11. xSkateOrPlayGuitarx

    then lemme give you advice homie, stop banging, or just think about
    everything you do and watch your own ass.

  12. SandyEggo666

    You know LOC still exists right? Album and tour this year, hopefully. At
    least that’s what Stza said.