Choking Victim – Suicide

Song wasn’t on Youtube so I thought I’ll put it up. Sippin on the dragon the other day, Tompkins Square Park up by Avenue A. Halfway down the forty and a pig…

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25 thoughts on “Choking Victim – Suicide

  1. Ricki Menace

    im like crazy depressed tonight. normally it takes a lot more booze to get
    me to this level of depressed. there’s gotta be a better way.

  2. shayne sleeper

    wtf, if you are a metal head what are you doing on the best bands fucking
    youtube song. chris barnes would slap the fuck out of you… oh wait you
    probably only have heard of corpse grinder. fucking go stab some one at you
    outdated slayer show. and if you call that shit metal, you might as well be
    stuart from beavis and butthead cause you’s is lame!

  3. Gentvinc

    a poser is someone who pretends to be something he or she is not. I am not
    a “poser”. I am a cannibal corpse fan, and i hate mainstream music and
    enjoy mocking it in my videos if you think otherwise please check my
    channel description

  4. rokareltje4

    @Gentvinc get the fuck off of the internet lowbob, longhaired unwashed kid
    without any friends… go fuck your mothers CANNIBAL CORPSE

  5. Ben Dover

    Fuck man life can suck at times but getting away and listening to this
    makes me chill the fuck out , Hail satan nd live life !

  6. TheSkankinSnarf


  7. SuperSlutMagnet

    Thank you! Thank you so much for at least establishing that it’s a matter
    of opinion! I’m sick and tired of the same asinine comments saying God
    doesn’t exist! I don’t know if God exists myself, but I have my faith and
    that’s all I need. I can’t prove God exists, nor can some loudmouth prove
    that God doesn’t exist!

  8. deathnote62

    @SuperSlutMagnet i agree with that, i found to be an atheist but some day i
    read some thing “God Loves You, but he doesnt want to get involved” the
    deism thing, God Exists and he doesnt at the same time, well if you can
    call it “he” since it is like the great unknown

  9. Dem640

    @Gentvinc dude shut the fuck up, just cuz u listen to “hardcore” music
    doesn’t make you hard core i bet you’re a 15 year old metal head faggot who
    gets his ass kicked on a daily baseis so u use the internet to feel good
    about yourself, if thats the case you really dont deserve to live in the
    same reality as someone who isnt a giant pussy like u, go sodomize yourself
    with a woodburner u bitch

  10. Gentvinc

    your toatlly right shaynesleeper ive never heard of Chris Barnes. Thats why
    i love six feet under and have all there albums im so ashamed dude.

  11. DNVskapunk

    if you like the Choking Victim, check out the debut music video from Dani
    Nash and the Villains, “Eating at My Brain.”

  12. TheBear1806

    @SuperSlutMagnet Not only religion but politics, band arguing, etc… We
    all have our opinions about the world thats not what the comment board is
    for. Its here for comments about the actual video/music/or the band and
    only the band that is playing not about how their better then blah or worse
    than blah. I swear if I see a “16 people” are bieber fans comment again
    I’ll actually off myself. To this song.

  13. boothoot

    @Gentvinc – lol I guess I am just old. I like alot of different music. My
    father was a local legend back in his day playing funk/soul so I suppose
    that is where it all began for me. I just love music, I do not “live” any
    particular lifestyle or image. What I meant when I said at least some one
    knows was that you are telling “someone”, aka people online who dont matter
    in your life – about how you feel on music. Waste of time, because most are
    just trying to sound like they know it all. 🙂