Chopper Reid – Stranger Danger

Classic Chopper Reid episode. Enjoy! If by request, | am able to upload more Chopper Reid episodes!


25 thoughts on “Chopper Reid – Stranger Danger

  1. Tesel Bonne

    lol I love the fact that that fuck, is not censored, but whatever the fuck
    he said AFTER fuck is xD mother fuck I love Australian censor logic.

  2. metalhead069

    what a fool you are to think thats the real chopper reid, one dead give
    away is he has ears, the real chopper does not lol and thats possibly one
    of many many give aways.

  3. ROR MAN

    chopper is an icon , get a life will ya , then again what can i say your an
    aussie that says it all , FOOOOOOOOOLSSSSSSSS

  4. LuluRosenkrantz

    No . I drive Mack trucks . This comment was put on against my knowledge . I
    think by my ex snooping around my computer . I like chopper . However I
    usually comment of politics and religion .

  5. matthew kerser

    cause where there is drugs there is fucking cash ok then at the last
    fucking minute i would jump out and fucking stab him