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Chris Pratt’s R-rated movie marathon for son sparks debating on parenting | #parenting

Some of the films are perfectly reasonable. Then there’s Rambo…

Chris Pratt has sparked some controversy after revealing the 10 “coming of age” films he plans on watching with his 9-year-old son this summer.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star was appearing on the Smartless podcast and was discussing an upcoming 10-day fishing-and-camping trip he had planned with his son Jack.

He told hosts Sean Hayes, Will Arnett and Jason Bateman that the trip “dominated a huge portion of my mind.”

The actor went on to explain that he plans on watching 10 movies with his son during the trip. These aren’t films in the “coming of age” genre, but films he believes will make it a “coming of age summer” for his son.

Pratt then reeled off the list.

Now some of the movies are perfectly reasonable, family-friendly classics that you wouldn’t blink twice at if you saw a kid watching them. Others, not so much.

The films are as follows, with the parental guidance rating alongside them:

A quick explanation of the US film rating system for you – PG is the same as here in the UK (parental guidance suggested), PG-13 means parents are strongly cautioned and some material may be inappropriate for those under the age of 13, and R means restricted, so under 17s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when watching.

Yes, Chris Pratt plans on watching Rambo with his 9-year-old son.

Unsurprisingly, the list caused a stir online.

Some thought it was inappropriate to be showing a 9-year-old R rated film.

But others didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, saying that most children watch movies that they’re probably too young for.

And others simply had an issue with Pratt claiming these were “coming of age ” movies.

It’s not the first time Pratt has been on the end of some online backlash. Last year, he came under fire for an Instagram post about his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger which some labelled “tasteless” and “problematic” because of a comment he wrote about her giving him a “gorgeous healthy daughter.”

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