CIRCUS Starr is back in town to entertain children with special needs | #specialneeds | #kids

Pictures John Hopkins
CIRCUS Starr was back in town providing accessible and inclusive shows for local children with disabilities and additional learning needs with a big top performance at Culcheth.

Circus Starr, or “the circus with a purpose”, put on a special show at Culcheth Athletic Junior Football Club free of charge for youngsters with special needs.

The community interest company’s events are funded by local businesses, meaning that families can enjoy live arts in a relaxed environment at no cost.

Fundraising director Michelle Crossley is thrilled to return with the traditional set-up after an absence of over two years caused by the pandemic.

Each year Circus Starr visits 74 communities and perform two magical shows!

They bring all the fun of the circus to children and families that may have found this difficult in the past. They know that a circus is a family event that brings everyone closer, encourages creativity and allows people to become stronger and more able to face life’s challenges head on. They tour the UK bringing the very best in circus talent from around the world and stage 148 incredible, animal-free shows every year.

They perform for Children with disabilities, families on low incomes, those facing challenges such as domestic violence, bereavement or who may be living with a life-limiting condition. Every child, whoever they are, is free to be themselves at a Circus Starr Show –

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