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THE family of a young man given just weeks to live is desperately trying to fund specialist treatment which could give him a chance of survival.

Last September Jamie Batty, 22, of Clacton, was told he had a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour.

He was diagnosed after doctors carried out several scans on his forearm, which had remained swollen following a knock.

The cancer had spread to both his lungs and the bottom of his spine.

Jamie Batty (centre) with best friends Cameron Kerry and Michael Kearley

Jamie, a former student at Clacton County High School, endured six rounds of intensive chemotherapy but further scans revealed a tumour “the size of a tangerine” had grown on his brain.

It was removed after six hours of surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

But doctors have said there is nothing more they can do for Jamie and he may now only have a few weeks left to live.

“They actually said he might not have shown signs of having cancer so it would have just laid dormant until spreading throughout,” said mum Donna, 52.

“Jamie has been so courageous and had some huge battles.

“As a family we have all been devastated by this, it is indescribable, and Jamie’s struggle has been heart-breaking.”

Since the damning verdict Jamie’s family, including his brothers Daniel, Luke and Ben, sister Erin, and girlfriend Gemma Bonner, have been researching specialist treatments.

After finding a woman who is a battling a similar diagnosis, they were pointed in the direction of a German scientist.

The Hamburg-based genius is said to have dedicated his life to finding alternative cancer treatments which are otherwise not available.


Brother Luke, 25, added: “Jamie is very ill and there are no guarantees, but this could give him a chance, which is more than he has currently.

“We have a choice to sit and wait for the inevitable or try this. There are actually many, many cases of success, so we are just praying Jamie can turn this around.

“He is a fighter, he’s willing to give it a good go and has been positive and driven.”

Jamie’s family is now looking to raise £5,000, which will be used to pay for medication, supplements and scans recommended as part of his new regime.

The information and suggested approach, however, which has been mapped out by German scientists, has been given to the family free of charge.

“We are fully committed to trying to help Jamie right now. This is his one glimmer of hope.”

Jamie has also thanked everyone who continues to donate and share his fundraiser.

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