Clark County COVID-19 activity remains in ‘moderate’ category for school reopening | #coronavirus | #kids. | #children | #schools

In the “moderate risk” category, the state recommends distance learning with the option for limited in-person learning for students who need it most, such as children with disabilities and students living homeless.

Clark County school districts have adopted remote learning for the upcoming year, and health officials have said the county would need to see activity levels remain in the moderate risk category for at least three weeks in a row before considering relaxing restrictions.

As of Tuesday, children 19 and younger represented 13 percent of all cases, with 311 cases to date. Youth ages 10-19 had about twice as many infections (207 cases, 9 percent) than children younger 9 years old (104 cases, 4 percent).

Young adults in their 20s had the highest share of COVID-19 cases (461, 19 percent), followed by adults in their 30s (439, 18 percent), adults in their 40s (389, 16 percent), adults in their 50s (352, 14 percent), adults in their 60s (242, 10 percent), adults in their 70s (126, 5 percent) and adults age 80 and over (115, 5 percent).

The largest number of deaths has been among adults age 80 and older, with 28 deaths. Seven deaths were reported in people in their 60s, one death for people in their 50s, one death for people in their 40s and two deaths for people in their 30s. No deaths have been reported in anyone younger than 30.

Other data, including a map showing which ZIP codes have the highest percentage of residents with COVID-19, can be viewed on Clark County Public Health’s website.

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