Clarke Gayford schools Baby Done stars Rose Matafeo and Matthew Lewis on parenting | #parenting

“How do you prevent your kid from peeing on you when you’ve just changed their nappy?” was one of the questions Clarke hit the bewildered pair with, with possible answers including simply not changing the nappy, wearing a hockey mask, or just not ever having a kid. 

“All of the above,” seemed to be the definitive answer, although when Matafeo mused she had never been urinated on by another person, Lewis revealed he, in fact, had. 

Gayford also explained a horror scenario with a baby involving a “poo explosion”, the baby’s hand and their own mouth. 

“It happens, oh it happens,” he told the shocked duo, before broaching another scenario familiar to many parents. 

“Your two-year-old walks in on you having sex, what do you do?” he questioned. 

“I congratulate myself on having sex when I have a two-year-old,” Matafeo replied. “Thats awesome.”

Gayford offered several solutions including “hiding under the sheets and hoping they go away”, “telling them you’re making a new baby to take their place”, or C – “don’t have a kid.” 

“It’s always C,” Lewis responded in apparent shock. 

To see the full hilarious interview, watch the full video above. 


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