Class 3 student thrashed for wanting to bite ‘Spiderman cake topping’ at friend’s birthday | #students | #parents

The woman said that the children had a fight over the cake (Representative Image).&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

Key Highlights

  • On Wednesday, a Class 3 student was allegedly assaulted by his friend’s father
  • The boy was thrashed after he attempted to bite the cake topping at his friend’s birthday party

Kolkata: A Class 3 student was allegedly assaulted at his friend’s birthday party as he wanted to bite the ‘Spiderman’ topping on the cake before the birthday boy. The incident took place in Salt Lake City centre eatery on Wednesday afternoon. 

The boy was allegedly brutally assaulted by the birthday boy’s father. The 9-year-old boy was severely bruised on the back after the assault. The accused was identified as Avishek Mitra. 

Accused thrashed boy for wanting to eat cake topping

The victim’s mother, who works as a school teacher, said that she could not believe the incident. She said that she was present at the party when Mitra assaulted her son. 

The woman said that the children had a fight over the cake. Reportedly, the Class 3 student wanted a bite of the cake topping before the birthday boy. It was during this time that Mitra allegedly flung the 9-year-old boy away and thrashed him with his hands, The Times of India reported. 

Victim was of an ‘unsound mind’

Mitra’s wife, however,  claimed that the 9-year-old victim is of an “unsound mind” and he “needed a beating” to be calmed down. Mitra’s wife said, “The boy was extremely naughty and was constantly poking my son. He had even hit my son several times before my husband stepped in. He only slapped him twice and didn’t beat him much. We are extremely upset because my son got beaten up in his own party. ”

Mitra’s wife defended her husband and said that he only wanted to teach a lesson to the child. She added that the 9-year-old boy was behaving “in a weird manner”. She also claimed that the child seemed to be neglected at home. “


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