Cobra Kai: The 9 Biggest And Most Intense Fight Scenes So Far | #students | #parents

I’m going to be honest right now – I am the most discombobulated person out there. When I was born, I swear, I was gifted with the best immune system, but somehow, I always find a way to stub my toe or slam into a wall without even realizing it – and I think that’s what draws me to shows such as Cobra Kai, because even though I can’t do martial arts without breaking my neck, I can enjoy other people doing it. 

Throughout the four seasons of Cobra Kai with a fifth season arriving in September 2022 – I have watched some badass fight scenes, from some of the biggest to some of the most intense that had me squealing and turning away from my TV screen. If you’re a fan of Cobra Kai, here are nine of the biggest and most intense fight scenes in the popular Netflix series, one’s I could re-watch over and over. 

(Image credit: Netflix)

Johnny Vs The Bullies (Season 1, “Ace Degenerate”)

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