Cohasset, DCF, principal tied up in court amid Jeffrey Knight scandal | #students | #parents

DEDHAM – Cohasset Public Schools and an arbitrator are suing the state’s Department of Children and Families and several of its investigators to force them to testify in a wrongful termination case brought by a fired principal in the wake of the Jeffrey Knight scandal. 

Former Cohasset Middle-High School Principal Carolyn Connolly took Cohasset to court to fight her 2018 firing. The district said the firing was in part due to failing to tell the police or the Department of Children and Families about a sexual assault allegation against Knight from a student, as required by law. 

The investigators were served subpoenas compelling them to testify in the arbitration in November,  but none of them showed up. Attorneys for the Department of Children and Families told Cohasset attorneys the investigators can’t be compelled to testify or turn over records, according to the lawsuit.

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