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She said he told her his other daughter had “said the same thing the day before”, and he wasn’t sure if she was just saying it because he had asked her about it.


His words “kind of burnt in my mind” due to “the severity of the accusation”, she said.

However, she told the court the father also said he “didn’t want to make a fuss” as he hadn’t seen anything himself and wasn’t sure about the second daughter’s allegation.

After the call, she said she immediately called her boss, venue manager Emma Le Mottee, who told her to put the information in an email. She said she drafted the email at work on the Saturday and read it over a number of times before sending it on Monday.

Under cross-examination on Thursday, the staff member accepted that her email to Ms Le Mottee did not mention anything about the father saying the second daughter’s allegation may have been prompted by his questioning.


Rather, the email said that he thought the older girl could have said something to her younger sister.

She told the court that “obviously I haven’t said word for word” what was in the conversation but that she thought at the time “this is a good email”.

Mr Prince put to her: “If you had been told that one of the daughters had only said something had happened after her father asked her directly about it, wouldn’t that be an important detail?

“I want to suggest if it was burnt in your mind as you said you would have included the full detail of your conversation with [the father] in your email.”

Mr Prince also put to the staff member that her evidence that the father said his daughter “had told him that the teacher may have touched near her front area” was inconsistent with what she wrote in the email, which stated the daughter “mentioned that her teacher Kyle had put his hand near her private area at the front.”

Kyle Daniels is facing 26 charges.Credit:ninevms

The woman was unable to recall whether the father used the words “may have” when relaying his daughter’s allegation. She said the phrase that she recalled “vividly” was his description of where the girl was allegedly touched: “near the area at the front”.

Mr Prince asked the woman “did you look over at Mr Daniels and smile at him” when she took the stand the previous day, to which she said: “I don’t think so … it’s my first time in court.”

He went on to ask: “While you were at work did you consider him a friend?”

She replied: “Friendly, yeah … I was friendly with all my staff members” but that they had never “hung out” outside of work because he was “very young”.

The trial continues

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