#collegesafety | Cayuga County schools, colleges deal with COVID-19 while charting the future | Education

Cayuga Community College President Brian Durant said classes have mostly been held remotely this year, and CCC has been dealing with the pandemic and its financial effects.

“From a financial perspective, I want to make sure that our community knows that we are as stable as we can be during a global pandemic in a moment where state aid is unknown, state future financing is certainly unknown and we know that enrollment has declined and will continue to decline for community colleges based on historical trends,” Durant said. 

The president said that historically, “our school districts have been shrinking over recent time, and our traditional captures come from those districts as well as greater communities. So we know that we’re all in this together,” Durant said.

CCC has recently been focusing on partnerships that Durant believes have “allowed us, I think, to strengthen ourselves in various ways,” he added. such as the college’s partnership with the city of Auburn on the Falcon Park facility.

Durant said CCC recognizes the challenges of the pandemic, potential downward enrollment trends and more, but is focusing on goals such as building partnerships with K-12 schools to enhance what exists from a curricular design perspective, helping people achieve additional college credits, a pathway toward a college or career and strengthening a pathway to four-year schools, adding that over 60% of CCC’s graduates transfer to four-year colleges.

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