#collegesafety | SRVUSD to consider classified personnel layoffs due to local financial instability | News

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board of Education is planning to discuss classified staff reductions during a special meeting on Monday morning, a move district officials say is a result of the economic downturn brought about by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

If approved by the board, a total of 55.0268 full-time equivalent (FTE) hours for classified personnel will be reduced, a move that district officials say is projected to reduce expenditures of base general funds by approximately $192,600 per year and external funds by $1,903,900 per year.

“The economic impact of the COVID-19 on the world, national and state economy this spring has compromised the financial strength and stability of the district starting in the 2020-2021 school year,” district staff wrote in a staff report to the board. “Moreover, it compromised the ability of some groups to raise external funds frequently used to enhance and enrich programs for students this past spring and may do so into the next school year and beyond.”

Classroom paraeducators are slated to see the largest number of reductions with a loss of 25.5 FTE, followed by noon duty supervisors who would see a reduction of 8.7 FTE and instructional assistants who will see a reduction of 7.9 FTE.

Other classified personnel set to see a reduction in hours and positions include attendance technicians, campus monitors, college and career educators, general office clerks, library media coordinators, musical instructional assistants, primary intervention paraeducators, school office assistants, senior primary intervention paraeducators and school technology instructional assistants.

Affected employees will receive a written “notice of layoff” from the district.

During its regular meeting on Tuesday, district staff disclosed that the SRVUSD would be operating on a multi-million-dollar deficit for the 2020-2021 school year, with combined general fund revenues projected to total $337,613,330 while expenditures are projected to top out at $358,177,440.

In other business on Monday, board members are set to consider issuing a resolution denouncing racism and supporting the equality, safety and well-being of Black people.

Set to be issued in response to the civil unrest and reminder of the racism and inequalities that persist in American society, district officials say the resolution will clearly state the district’s commitment to combating “hate crimes and biases in our government systems, including in our own district.”

“Recent events in the United States remind us that hundreds of years of prejudices, injustices, and inequalities are embedded in our societies, from social structures to institutions to cultures to individuals. Decades of civil rights legislation and education have not obliterated racism, and its breadth has a negative impact on the safety, health, and well-being of Black individuals, families, and communities,” the resolution reads.

“The SRVUSD Board stands firmly against bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and inequity in all forms, both institutional and individual; As protests surge in local communities and beyond, the SRVUSD Board wishes to affirm its commitment to the well-being and safety of Black community members and let them know they are not alone,” it continues.

In order to help prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus, Monday’s special meeting of the SRVUSD Board of Education will not be open to personal attendance in public and will instead be held online. Starting at 9 a.m. residents can view the meeting live on the SRVUSD YouTube account.

Public comments and questions can be digitally submitted to Cindy Fischer at cfischer@srvusd.net or by fax by 838-314. Emails should include the words “public comment” in the subject line.

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