#collegesafety | Trinity College student bullied on social media after alleged rape on school trip

A student at a prestigious Catholic boys’ school was tormented and taunted by his alleged rapists and rugby teammates on social media, including while he was away from home in a foreign country.

Warning: this story contains graphic content that some readers may find upsetting.

The young man had travelled to Japan on a rugby tour with Trinity College in April 2017, when he alleges he was held face-down and sexually assaulted with a carrot in his dorm room.

Just days after, someone shared on social media a mocked-up cover of a music magazine featuring a band called “The Carrots” with a new single called “Uranus” which was “a forceful change to the music industry”.

Fellow students doctored a magazine cover displaying a fake band ‘The Carrots’.(Supplied)

Other images distributed on social media in the days and weeks after the alleged incident included carrots and giant radishes, as well as a cartoon of a carrot with the young man’s face which was labelled “Carrot Man”.

The boys accused of the alleged sexual assault have not faced criminal charges because of the difficulties of prosecuting alleged crimes committed in Japan by juveniles from another country.

But a Perth court has learned much more about the rugby tour during the trial of two of the teachers who supervised it.

The Perth Magistrates Court has heard stories of bullying and intimidation by some students, how some students were threatened with “getting the carrot” and about an anaphylactic student going missing at Singapore airport en route to Tokyo, causing the plane’s departure to be delayed three times.

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