Colorado teen reports threat at AZ school; saw shooting threat at Sierra Linda High on Snapchat

PHOENIX, AZ – A 16-year-old student at Sierra Linda High School was detained for admitting involvement in one count of creating a hoax, investigators said.

Phoenix police report that on Monday morning between 7:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. the student took pictures of the hallway and posted them on Snapchat with the captions: “Planning the school shooting” and “In the office again.”

The photos were discovered by Kaylee Hilton, a student in Northglenn, Colorado, who says she was scrolling through storylines on Snapchat when they caught her attention.

“It kind of freaked me out so I texted my mom.”

Kaylee says the Arizona teen was a random follower on the app. She says it was too serious a topic to even joke about so, she reported it to a School Resource Officer.

“Those are the kind of things you can’t take them lightly, you have to say something. Even if it’s a joke, it could’ve not been a joke,” Kaylee said.

According to police, the Sierra Linda student admitted to being involved, calling it a prank.

The Tolleson High School District has not taken any disciplinary action. According to the district, the school hearing officer will decide what happens to the student involved next.

The school is not taking any extra precautions, but they have a call out with a message from the principle to parents, Tolleson High School District said.

Principal Tim Madrid’s message to parents said, “The student was detained and taken into custody. I want to assure you that at no time was SLHS, students, or staff in any danger.”

The identity of the student is not being released due to the student’s age.