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Yeah, we get it. Being a parent is hard. And no matter how alert and conscientious you are, you’ll definitely make mistakes. There’s so much to learn in the process, and no parenting manual can prepare you for what you’re going through and what’s about to come your way. Babies are different, and most times, experiences and mistakes are what help us offer a healthy upbringing to our kiddos.

And while mistakes are inevitable, there are some parenting mistakes that you can avoid. Some have a more profound effect on kids than others. That’s why we’ve written this small parenting guide about common parenting mistakes you want to avoid with toddlers, and what you can do instead if you find yourself identifying with any of these behaviors. Some parenting mistakes have a more profound impact on kids than others—no need to beat yourself up about it. Attention and time will fix it.

8 Not Letting Your Baby Explore

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You’ve noticed that since birth, your little one is always learning. You’ve seen your baby grow, staring at your face, watching your expressions, and slowly blossoming and understanding you.

According to Orchids International School, your baby’s way of learning is by tasting, touching, crawling, and playing, and sometimes this might cause her to get hurt or bruised. And while you want to protect them from getting hurt, it isn’t advisable to prevent them from exploring. You can only guard your child for so long. Let them explore but keep a watchful eye from a close distance.

Stopping your child from exploring makes them reluctant to try new things or learn from their errors. This will eventually reflect in activities as they grow, be it sports, academics, etc.

Can you relate to such types of parenting mistakes? If you do, then it’s time to set your little birdie free but with close supervision, of course.

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7 Preaching Without Practicing

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If there’s one thing we can give toddlers credit for, it’s copying our every move. So, telling your toddler to do something while doing the complete opposite thing just won’t cut it.

Most parents will give unending sermons to their kiddos about what and what not to do. But are you following what you’re preaching? No.

What kind of behavior are you modeling? Remember, you’re your child’s role model and their first teacher.

If you want your toddler to adopt healthy eating habits or put away the electronic devices before going to bed, please make sure to do the same thing.

6 Not Trying To Address Problems

Common Parenting Mistakes with Toddlers
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Failing to try and fix a problem either because you think that it is unfixable or are too quick to accept may be problematic. It will leave you enduring months or years of disappointment living with general problems.

This could be dealing with constant temper tantrums, bedtime battles, or behavior issues. And while it won’t be easy, it can be worked through and fixed or changed with a little help. There’s plenty of sites, books, and people that can help guide through parenting challenges.

5 “It’s Just A Phase”

Common Parenting Mistakes With Toddlers
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Most parents excuse bad behavior, saying, “Oh, it’s just a phase, it’ll pass!” But will it? According to Kiwi Families, even though toddlers do go through phases, undesirable habits can become rooted. Can you think about situations where you found yourself stuck in a pattern of habits that you didn’t like? It’s the same for your kiddo. Choose whether it’s something critical to handle, and if it is, make a plan.

4 Fighting Them Back

Common Parenting Mistakes With Toddlers
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When we say fight back, we’re talking about yelling, getting angry, and saying the same thing over and over. According to Very Well Family, doing so gives your child negative attention and high power over you because they can trigger such strong emotions.

You’re unintentionally rewarding the misdemeanor that you’re trying to stop. Instead, stop power struggles and learn more practical discipline strategies, including time-out and using natural and logical consequences.

3 Highly Unrealistic Expectations

Common Parenting Mistakes With Toddlers
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Avoid having really high expectations of what your toddler should be doing since it can actually lead to problems.

This often happens when parents get frustrated, impatient, or worried that their child isn’t hitting certain milestones at a specific age compared to their peers, when a 2.5-year-old still doesn’t want to be potty trained, etc.

Are you guilty of this? Note that children grow differently and that they’ll eventually meet their milestones. Just be patient with them.

2 Being Inconsistent

Common Parenting Mistakes With Toddlers
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Inconsistent parenting is more harmful than you think. You can’t be strict sometimes and be easygoing on other occasions. Your toddler will have a hard time figuring what is expected of him and how to behave.

1 Letting Your Toddler Do Whatever

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You’re not doing your toddler any favors by letting her do what she wants. Toddlers, especially, find it hard to live without limits. Have rules, set limits, consistent routines, and offer limited options to help your kiddo know and sense what is coming throughout the day.

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