Community members host vigil for lives lost in Gaza | #students | #parents

Students and community members gathered on the steps of Angell Hall on June 18 to attend a vigil for the Palestinian citizens killed in Gaza in May. Guest speakers and students shared stories of the people who passed away and honored the lives of all of the victims.

In an interview with The Michigan Daily, LSA junior Salma Hamamy, one of the organizers of the vigil, discussed the satisfaction of seeing members of the community show up and attend the vigil to show solidarity with Palestinians.

“It was great, honestly, seeing from people within the community as well as outside of the community…coming in and joining and stimulating a safe space with us for Palestinians and really just honoring and respecting Palestinian lives and those who are killed,” Hamamy said. “If it weren’t for those showing up and supporting us, I would feel completely hopeless. The main motivation throughout this entire movement has been seeing the support – it’s been seeing the countless protests, seeing people show up to events, seeing people dedicate their time and energy into fighting with us.”

Hamamy opened the event by acknowledging the hardships that the Palestinian community has faced and the efforts that are being made to advocate for Palestinians across the world.

“I know we’ve all been quite exhausted and frustrated from our bodies constantly being treated as nothing more than merely just a clump of cells,” Hamamy said. “I know you guys are frustrated, I know you guys are exhausted, and I understand your pain.”

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