Community Rallies to Support the Burmese Fight For Democracy Against a Violent Military Regime | #students | #parents

Thousands of miles away from Stanton across the Pacific Ocean, Burmese people are being snatched up in the night by a brutal military regime. 

They’re being beaten, shot dead and slaughtered in the streets as they demand democracy, freedom and justice after the military overthrew and detained a civilian Burmese government earlier this year.

The atrocities hit close to home for some in Orange County and in Los Angeles – especially the Burmese American community – who watch in worry as the number of dead bodies pile up over there for the freedoms they have here in the U.S.

“They put martial law and they’re shooting people. There’s about more than 600 people that have been killed throughout Burma,” said Banny Hong, the owner of Taste of Burma restaurant in Stanton on Friday.

“They arrest. They torture. There’s a lot of dead bodies.”

Hong organized a rally at Stanton city hall today with help from Republican Mayor David Shawver to bring awareness to the vicious military crackdown on peaceful protesters, activists and civilians willing to die for democracy in Burma – a struggle that has been going on for decades.

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People gather outside Stanton’s city hall at a rally to bring awareness to the Burmese military’s violent campaign against peaceful people.

The country was renamed Myanmar by the military in the late 80s following the killing of thousands who protested for democracy.

Hong and other Orange County residents like Sonny Wynn have called on elected officials to help the Burmese people in their fight for democracy.

 “Even if we are outside of Burma, our minds are always flying back to our country, especially in this situation,” Wynn said in a phone interview after the rally.

Wynn said the military has taken control of the economy and is calling on the world to stop business with Burma until a new government is in place.

“Don’t give the business to the military government. We need to cut their oxygen line,” he said.

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