Conference aims to prevent child abuse in metro

OMAHA, Neb. —A big effort to prevent child abuse is taking place in the metro.

Metro residents have until 10 a.m. Thursday to register for a three-day conference next week.

Gene Klein, with Project Harmony, said that culture sexualizes children, which is just one of the topics that’ll be addressed at the Speaking of Children conference.

Experts will also discuss ways to stop child pornography, child distribution and child sexual abuse.

Klein said most of the children that Project Harmony works with are victims of sexual abuse.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of those kids being younger,” Klein said. “About 75 percent of the kids are under the age of 12. More than half of those kids are under the age of 6.”

Klein said about 80 percent of children are sexually abused by someone they know.

The conference starts Wednesday, March 4, at the Embassy Suites hotel in La Vista. Anyone can attend, but you need to register.