Connect Method Parenting: How to get your kids to WANT to listen to you without the yelling, ultimatums, and bribes | #parenting

Connect Method Parenting: How to get your kids to WANT to listen to you without the yelling, ultimatums or bribes.

Filled with simple parenting tips this book explains how to go from corrective to connective parenting.

Go from corrective to connective parenting using the Connect Method Parenting framework.

Revolutionary parenting book released with tools and shortcuts to make your life better.

VIVIAN PARK, UT, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2022 / — Parenting Coach and Creator of Connect Method Parenting Andee Martineau releases her new book, Connect Method Parenting: How to get your kids to WANT to listen to you without the yelling, ultimatums, and bribes.
74% of parents believe parenting is getting harder not easier. In fact, 93% of parents say they’ve resorted to yelling at their kids by the time they are 4.
It’s time to radically change the conversation about parenting, and bring parenting into the 21st century. And Andee Martineau is doing just that.
“After reading dozens of books on parenting, trudging to weekend workshops, and watching online webinars trying to raise my six kids, I realized that most parenting advice is focused on the theory instead of practice and kids instead of the adults,” says the author Andee Martineau. “My book pays attention to the triggers and blocks that parents themselves have that prevent us from showing up the way we want to for our kids. They know better but they can’t do better–and that’s incredibly frustrating for a parent.”
In her new transformational book, Connect Method Parenting, parenting coach and creator of Connect Method Parenting, Andee Martineau unflinchingly exposes the misconceptions that are holding parents back from being calm and connected with their kids so, their kids actually WANT to listen to them. In an uncomplicated way, she powerfully unpacks why the corrective parenting methods of timeouts, punishments, and rewards don’t work and effectively shows parents what to do about it.

Andee’s writing is empowering and relatable, as she dives into real parenting issues and breaks down the strategies and techniques so parents can translate them into real life. The truth is that parenting has nothing to do with telling your kids what to do and not to do–parenting is not about discipline. Punishments and rewards are not the answer to getting your kids to listen to you. An over-use of punishments will prevent you from creating amazing relationships with your kids and will prevent you from being the parent you’ve always wanted to be. You need a connection.

Andee offers the top 3 things parents need to do to transform their parenting forever.
Understand your own behavior so you can make room for your child’s behavior.
Consistently connect with your children every day.
Choose closeness especially when you feel like yelling.
After teaching Connect Method Parenting online to over 10,000 parents and transforming families across the world, Andee has packed her unique parenting methodology into a book to create even more transformation like this:
“I never knew it was possible to parent without punishments. I was skeptical at first…but it works!” -Jill
“I’m enjoying parenting like I thought I always would.” – Angela
“Now I know what to do when they are fighting. I used to panic…not anymore, thanks to CMP.” – Michele
“I don’t have to yell anymore! I know exactly what to do in each situation.” – Sara
“I love everything about Connect Method Parenting. This has changed my family culture. ” – Kaity
Connect Method Parenting is available on Amazon and where audiobooks are sold.
Andee Martineau is a parenting coach and mom of six who specializes in helping parents all over the world raise their kids without yelling, ultimatums, or bribes. Using her Connect Method Parenting techniques, she has taught thousands of moms to feel more in control of family life, stress less, get their kids to listen, and more. Andee is a former registered nurse who brings to her clients years of hands-on experience raising her own children (ages 13-22) and coursework in developmental psychology as well as certifications in life coaching and integrative health coaching.

Andee’s anti-disciplinary strategies and expertise have been used to transform parents all over the world. She is also the author of the book, Connect Method Parenting. When she’s not spreading her message that parenting is about connecting and not correcting, you can find her relaxing at the creek next to her home. She lives in an 830sq foot cabin in the woods of Utah with her husband, children, and their Sheepadoodle, Leia.

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