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Mar. 27—Clad in green scarves and clothes, women and families joined together on Saturday at a local Yuba City park to support the farming industry and what they claim is in injustice done to the small farmer at the hands of the Parliament of India.

The Parliament of India passed three bills in September of last year that opposition groups have called “anti-farmer” and likened them to a “death warrant,” according to a report from

According to the report, thousands of farmers have been camped out on highways in Delhi demanding a repeal of the legislation.

Harjit Uppal, a local teacher with the Yuba City Unified School District, organized Saturday’s rally to say simply that “We’re here to support you.”

“This is encouragement for my brothers and sister in India,” Uppal said. “They have been sitting on the roads for months and the government is not doing anything.”

Uppal, a native of India, said this issue remains near and dear to her heart, because India is her homeland and she cares for everybody there.

“This is all we talk about,” Uppal said. “I am from India, I am from a farming family. I feel the pain.”

Many on Saturday who showed up to Blackburn Talley Sports Complex in Yuba City, were in agreement, including a few younger voices who spoke at the rally.

Simranjot Kaur, a high school student at River Valley High School, said it was time to let her voice be heard. Kaur said she has an uncle in India who gets up each night at 2 a.m. to protect his land from potential cattle raiders. She said farmers in India work around the clock to feed their families.

“The (Parliament of India) is threatening their livelihood,” Kaur said.

Kaur, who emigrated to the U.S. as a child, said her message is that “we have rights” and can make a difference if we work together.”

The green garments that Kaur and several others donned over their outfits symbolized the fields that farmers work each day to better themselves and their families.

Lakhvir Kaur, a Yuba City resident who also emigrated from India as a child, said farming is a vital component to the world, including to those threatening to impede it.

“Farming feeds all of us,” Kaur said. “It’s a worldwide issue.”

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