Convicted child abuser found ‘working as kids’ party entertainer at caravan park’

Hundreds of pedophiles on the sex offender register are starting businesses so they can get close to children.

One of them is convicted child abuser Ceri John Rees, who has worked at family holiday and caravan parks.

Ex-church minister Rees, 35, who was jailed for four years in 2010, is forbidden from being involved in social groups with under-16s for ten years after release.

Yet it is claimed he works as kids’ party entertainer DJ Phoenix.

And he is helped by his 21-year-old ­fiancée, who is a teaching assistant and thought to be pregnant with his baby.

Rees’s case is one of those raised by ­thousands of desperate parents each month with whistleblowing group the UK Database.

The organisation is lobbying for police and ­probation ­services to do more to stop child sex ­offenders working with kids when they leave prison.

The UK Database was also alerted about a ­monster who twice raped a ­teenager and was said to be still ­employing minors to work at his stables.

The self-funded UK Database allows parents, teachers, and other ­members of the community to ­report known child sex offenders for working with children.

Founder Chris Wittwer warned these ­figures are the tip of the iceberg and of the 50 or so ­reports they ­receive each week he says 90 per cent are true.

He passes ­information to the police but said: “We see an increasing number of ­paedophiles have set up ­businesses that inevitably bring them into contact with kids. It’s ­dangerous and needs to stop.”

One worried parent found a ­convicted paedophile working at a family fun day at her local rugby ground.

He said: “It’s so shocking you get more ­information from a non-profit information site than you do from the authorities.

“People exposed in the past for their sick urges are being allowed to work in industries bringing them close to kids.”

These revelations come just weeks after the Sunday People exposed struck-off school teacher Nicola Prentice, 35, for running a dance school for kids, ­despite being on the sex offender ­register after grooming a pupil for sex.

Father-of-three Rees had sex with a 15-year-old girl in his church, misquoting the Bible to justify his sick actions.

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard Rees, who lived in Ystradgynlais, Powys, had engaged in regular sexual activity with his victim, including during his church study sessions.

Police found 187 indecent images and videos of the 15-year-old and 164 of Rees when they seized computers, digital cameras and iPods.

The court heard that on a shopping trip to Manchester with his wife to celebrate her birthday, Rees ­secretly bought a sex aid for use in his clandestine relationship.

His wife has left him. It later emerged Rees had no formal qualifications as a minister but was ­considered for the role of pastor by the elders of the Mission Church in 2006 because he was said to be ‘dedicated to his family and was a loving parent’.

In 2010 he was sentenced to four years, put on the sex offender register and given a decade-long ban from working or ­being involved with under-16s after release.

Shockingly, his fiancée who works in a South Wales school, is his latest fling in a string of relationships with younger women who have access to children.

The pair ­announced their engagement on Facebook earlier this year.

Rees calls himself Dafydd and uses the stage name DJ Phoenix to provide ­entertainment at holiday ­caravan parks, family fun days at the rugby and boating clubs.

A man who booked him to run a disco at his pub said: “He’s back after four years and trying to hide his old identity so people don’t suspect him for wanting to be around children.

“I’d no idea who he was at first when we were introduced by his brother.

“Then, over time, he admitted he’d been in ­prison for sleeping with an underage girl but he said it was ­consensual and he’d met her in a nightclub where she looked much older.

“I booked him for a couple of gigs but when I found out he was using a false name I looked him up on the net and realised the sick nature of what he has done. I was shocked and horrified.”

Locals fear Rees is targeting women who have access to youngsters. A source said: “When he first got out he had a relationship with a girl who was working as a nursery nurse and after that he became very close with a girl who was working with youngsters with ­disabilities.

“Now it’s a teaching assistant.

“One is a coincidence but it’s ­suspicious there have been three and that he is ­using a fake name. He doesn’t want to alert anyone to his history of child abuse.

“Of all the jobs, he’s chosen to set up a business where he will be in a situation with lots of families and youngsters, which is sickening after what he did.”

Teri Dean, manager of talent agency Catsta Entertainments, has sent Rees – under the pseudonym Phoenix – to gigs at family holiday parks since last year.

He told her his name was Dafydd and fulfilled 30 dates for Catsta, 90 per cent of which were at family venues, as well as many through another agency which we were unable to contact.

Teri said: “He had a good voice and told me he used to be a vicar. He was the last person I expected to have any ­skeletons in the closet.”

He earned about £110 a date and did two or three gigs a month for Teri at caravan and holiday parks or family friendly pubs and clubs.

She did not discover his sick secret until June, when a guest at his last gig for Catsta, at Amroth Castle holiday park in Aberdare, ­recognised him and posted about his past on Facebook.

Teri, who has two young daughters, said: “I was in total shock. He was very ­charming and well liked but when I read what he’d done I was horrified.

“I called him and he was very ­apologetic. I asked why he had not declared his past or told me he was not allowed to work with children and he said he wanted a fresh start.

“I was very angry and immediately ­removed him from our books and from the website before ­cancelling his upcoming shows.

“The fact he hid his past and used a false name convinces me his intentions were not innocent.

“If he has been honest with the ­authorities and they knew he was working in family holiday parks they should surely have informed myself or the parks. I ­suspect he’s been living a double life with a second name and not been honest about what he is doing.”

Det Insp Richard Erskine, of South Wales police, said: “We take the issue of public protection very seriously and we are now actively investigating the ­individual concerned as a result of these findings.”

Rees refused to comment when ­approached by the Sunday People.

The UK Database also received a ­report about the 54-year-old man who was jailed for six years for twice raping a 16-year-old stable hand and indecently assaulting her and a woman.

He was put on the sex offender ­register for life yet a parent told Database he had set up a horse business again, offering work to young girls interested in riding.

They work at his stables and at fairs and in return they can ride the horses and ponies, said the parent.

UK Database heard he is often around a riding school opposite his premises.