Convicted child sex offender busted after scaring kids while working as ‘monster’ for haunted house in Wisconsin

It was one monster pretending to be another.

A convicted child sex offender in Wisconsin brazenly entertained kids while working as a volunteer creature at a charity haunted house, authorities said.

The gig was up for Andy Hawthorne, 36, earlier this month when he took off his mask to comfort a scared child and an alert father — an off-duty officer — recognized him,the Journal Sentinel reported.

Hawthorne was charged Thursday with two counts of being a child sex offender working with children, and one count of sex offender registry violation, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the newspaper.

Amazingly, Hawthorne said he worked at the Hartford Jaycees’ Dwelling of Despair in Slinger to satisfy his community service. He said he never received notice that he was not supposed to work with children, the newspaper reported.

After he was shown his signed initial confirming he would not work with kids under 16, Hawthorne claimed it was not his writing, according to the paper.

Hawthorne also failed to present his employment to the sex offender registry within 10 days, as he was supposed to, the Journal Sentinel reported.

The Dwelling of Despair is promoted as a “less scary experience geared toward children,” the paper reported. However, when a masked Hawthorne jumped from behind a wall, he scared two young children, aged 5 and 7.

It was then that he took off his monster mask, and the dad recognized him.

The father reported the incident to the state’s Department of Corrections, which contacted Slinger cops.

Hawthorne was convicted of sexual assault of a child 13 years ago and placed on the sex offender registry. He was sentenced to two years in prison, according to records obtained by the paper.