Convicted London kidnapper details jailhouse beatings | #childabductors

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At a sentencing hearing Wednesday, convicted London kidnapper Lawrence Thompson, 69, offered a rare glimpse into the behind-bars world of people accused of crimes against children. Thompson, a retired school janitor, is convicted of kidnapping a four-year-old girl who was picking flower and looking for ladybugs on a quiet residential street in northeast London on Mother’s Day in 2018. Our Jane Sims is covering Wednesday’s hearing and has these details:

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  • Thompson was held at six different jails after being arrested – London, Windsor, Maplehurst (Milton), Stratford, Lindsay and Niagara. He says he was assaulted several times. He was sent to Windsor, where he says “everything was great” until someone Googled his name.
  • Back in London, the hatch on the cell door through which food is passed was left open. Other inmates threw in water, urine and spit. One threatened to slit his throat. Thompson claims in court on Wednesday that he told other inmates he’d been trying to help a lost child get home.
  • He described getting punched in the head and was knocked out cold, left walking around in a daze. “I was asking guys who hate me, ‘What happened?’” He reported the assault and was labelled a “rat” by other inmates.
  • Thompson said he was punched so hard in the head that he ruptured his ear drum. His hearing has been affected and all he can hear is buzzing. He says he was assaulted five times while behind bars in London. “I was constantly looking over my shoulder.”
  • Thompson blamed the media for reporting something “that just wasn’t true” about his arrest, trial and conviction.
  • Thompson, who is 69, said he tried to defend himself but often two inmates at a time would beat him up. There are not many people in jail around his age, he said.
  • Thompson says when he reported one beating he was told “don’t come back to jail” and that another  guard told him “good luck” when he was moved to another range.

The sentencing hearing continues Wednesday afternoon.

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