Coopersville man gets #jail time for #possessing #child pornography

A 21-year-old Coopersville man will spend at least 22 months in prison after pleading guilty to possession of child sexually abusive material.

In exchange for his plea, a possession of marijuana or synthetic equivalents charge was dismissed.

Travis John Webster was ordered to serve 22 months to four years in prison when he was sentenced Monday in Ottawa County Circuit Court.

Judge Jon Hulsing said the penalty was more severe because of a law that allowed him to add more points for victim exploitation.

“I know it was wrong what I was doing, your honor,” Webster said before asking for the judge’s mercy.

Hulsing said he believes Webster is a continued risk to the public.

The Michigan Department of Corrections requested help from the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety to investigate a probation violation by Webster on Aug. 3, said Public Safety Director Jeff Hawke. Webster was already a registered sex offender, Hawke said.

“During the investigation, a cellphone containing child pornography was located,” Hawke said.