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NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new grading policy for public school students during his daily briefing on Tuesday amid what he called “unparalleled” educational challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic.”We’re going to have to do things in September that we’ve never had to do before,” he said.

Grades K-5
– Two grading standards: Students will receive “meet standards” or “needs improvement.”
– Basis for evaluation: Existing course requirements such as submitted assignments, projects and writing samples.
– Students who cannot demonstrate mastery or submit work will be enrolled in summer programming to develop skills.

Middle School: Grades 6-8
– Three grading standards: Students receive “Meets Standards” “Needs Improvement” or “Course in Progress.”
– Basis for Evaluation: Existing course requirements such as remote class discussion, presentation, submitted assignments and tests where appropriate.
– Students who cannot demonstrate mastery or have not completed work will be enrolled in summer programming to develop skills.

High School: Grades 9-12
– Grading standards: Use existing grading scales.
– Students who require more time to show mastery will receive “Course in Progress” and enrolled in summer-fall support programs.
– Students have option after receiving passing letter grade to convert to “Pass” rating, leaving GPA unaffected.
– Basis for Evaluation: Schools have adapted current school year curriculum and assessments for remote learning, including term papers, exams and oral presentations, allowing students to show content mastery.
– Students will have until January 2021 to complete outstanding coursework.

All students who do not demonstrate mastery or complete required work will be given the support they need over the summer and fall to get back on track.All students receiving “Course In Progress” who have not yet completed required course work will be enrolled in summer programming.

High School seniors and current 8th graders who receive “Course in Progress” will be prioritized for support to keep them on track for August graduation and promotion.

When students complete the course, their grade will be changed from “Course in Progress” to the appropriate passing grade.

In addition to school’s individual graduation plans, Mayor de Blasio guaranteed a city-wide virtual celebration of graduating seniors with “special guests.” Details will be announced in the weeks ahead.

The NYC Department of Education will also meet their goal of putting internet enabled devices for remote learning in hands of families who need them. 247,000 iPads will be in hands of students who requested them by April 30. Families who have NOT yet requested a device can continue to do so at or calling 311


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