Coronavirus Pandemic and Women –Parenting A Child With Autism – A Mother’s Pandemic Diary | #parenting

June-July 2020: Despite Fatigue And Exhaustion, Put Up Brave Face for Family

She explained that the lockdown was particularly difficult as she was not able to connect with yoga or meditation and negative thoughts took over.

(Photo Courtesy: Mugdha Kalra)

She added that she was “fatigued, dehydrated, and had terrible mood swings.”

“I discovered art therapy and a beautiful art circle. I figured was doing well if my mind was gainfully occupied. It was like meditation in motion. I started learning various forms of art – Madhubani, Warli, Mathanipacheri, and Patachitra. I also took to audio books and podcasts, and together, they became my therapy,” Kalra added.

Parenting A Child With Autism – A Mother’s Pandemic Diary

(Photo Courtesy: Mugdha Kalra)

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