Couple using puppets to teach important lessons

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — A local couple is using puppets to teach kids in our area some very important life lessons.

You can call it the CSRA’s very own Sesame Street. Jack and Tara Brunson have been running their own puppet ministry for awhile now.

The couple moved down to Augusta from New York five years ago and have been trying to spread joy while teaching kids some life skills.

“For some adults it takes you back to your childhood – it’s a happy place,” Tara says.

The first puppet they ever made was made out of a 2 liter soda bottle — more than a dozen puppets later, it’s safe to say things have changed. “We’re no longer using coca-cola bottles,” Tara says with a smile.

The couple visit schools, libraries and everywhere in between. Just trying to make that connection with children and parents in the community.

Jack says they do a lot of anti-bullying campaigns. He says bullying can lead to depression and what they hope to do is to help kids avoid mental health issues.

“We just want them to be in a better state of mind and if we can do a show and perform a show and they walk away and they’re smiling and they learn something at the end of the day — that’s what our goal is,” he says.

The couple have made 13 puppets and counting. Each one has their own look and personality — celebrating the uniqueness of being an individual. Something Tara says can be sometimes lost in today’s society. “Because of social media and other people – they dictate what you should be — who you should be.”

Its not just kids who they have taught lessons to. Jack says there was a time when he was outside a store with one of their puppets, Roada, and he was able to stop two men from arguing. “They were able to escape to their childhood for just a moment – just long enough for them to say I’m sorry,” he says.

The Brunsons hope to continue what they’re doing in the community for as long as they can. But for one of their puppets the bright lights could be calling her name, “They said something about going to Hollywood I can’t wait for that,” Roada the puppet says.