COVID-19, Flu and RSV: Why Families Need a Plan for Thanksgiving and Beyond | #Education

Given all this, is it a good idea for folks to be getting together for Thanksgiving — in the way we’re used to doing that?

I would say “yes” to celebrating — with some precautions.

I would recommend that folks get tested the morning of, if you’re going to have a holiday dinner. And limit your interactions with folks the weeks and days coming up for the holidays. Something that you may consider is limiting your interactions in crowds.

We know that in California — in the Bay Area in particular — if you can have good weather, dine outdoors if possible. Or if it is indoors, have really good ventilation.

And even despite your best efforts, if someone does get ill or if you have symptoms, then make sure that you get tested right away and seek treatment.

Is COVID testing something you should factor into a plan?

Yes, you don’t want to be the dreaded spreader, especially to a vulnerable loved one. So I would recommend testing the day of or the morning of, if you’re going to gather later that day.

It will allow for folks who do test positive to know right away — even if you don’t have symptoms — to know to stay home, and probably join in via Zoom, or other ways. And if you’re having symptoms, if you’re feeling ill, definitely stay home and don’t gather and find other ways to celebrate.

If you do get infected with COVID, tell us more about the treatment options.

As soon as you have symptoms, it is important to test right away, and if you are positive, it’s important to seek treatment. Most adults and some children 12 years and above are eligible. And a lot of folks do not know that they’re eligible for treatment.

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