COVID-19 survivor had been so ill she wrote goodbye letters to her children | #covid19 | #kids | #childern

Lisa McDowell wears many hats as a dietician for the Detroit Red Wings and director of clinical nutrition and wellness at Ann Arbor St. Joseph Mercy Health System.

Nothing could slow her down until she encountered COVID-19.

“We had our last home game on Monday night felt but was not feeling great,” she said. 

McDowell had come in contact with coronavirus in March and she soon realized this was serious. 

“I had a fever, typical symptoms of list of loss of appetite, and deep breathing was tough.”

It got so bad this mom was preparing to say a final goodbye.

“I actually wrote letters to my kids,” she said. “I called a friend to act as the power of attorney. I was nervous.” 

McDowell faced her toughest battle and underwent breathing treatments and followed her doctor’s orders.

“I’m happy for the opportunity to keep breathing,” she said.

As more and more states work to reopen this medical professional has donated plasma for research and she wants you know COVID 19 is real, and you should take steps to stay protected. 

“It’s important to continue to protect yourself wearing the masks when we’re together.” 

As McDowell continues to recover she admits she has not fully crossed the finished line just yet. But for this mom being alive is all that matters.

“I have a real appreciation for what’s most critical in life,” she said. “I am so blessed for wonderful relationship and supportive people who helped me through this.”

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