Crime at Tobin Lofts at San Antonio College

An increase in crime reported on one Alamo Colleges campus

A recently released crime report shows crime at Tobin Lofts and the Tobin parking garage has risen year to date.

The increase is more than the total number of crimes reported in those areas last year.

Darian Trotter has been looking into the issue.

“It’s kind of scary really thinking about it,” student Juan Rodriguez said.

There’s wide-spread concern on the campus of San Antonio College.

This after the student newspaper reported that crime stats at Tobin Lofts and the nearby Tobin parking garage have dramatically increased since last year.

“I didn’t think crime would actually be that bad here,” Rodriguez said.

The 2015 crime stats reported in “The Ranger” include drunk and public intoxication, burglaries, thefts, assaults, drug possession, trespassing, and disorderly conduct.

The report was emailed to students and employees by district police.

“Now that I heard it I feel insecure because I think there should be more security around here, especially in the parking lots when it’s getting darker,” student Antonio Arteaga said.

Vanessa C. Torres, spokeswoman for SAC issued a statement saying, “we are in the process of verifying this information with several security reports.” “The weekly email (containing the crime stats) was created in order to keep the Alamo Colleges community informed but does not serve as an official or comprehensive report of crime.”

“They should, they should be keeping track of that sort of thing. Security and safety of the students here at school,” student Felicia Khan said.

Students we talked to believe the increase in crime may have something to do with the nearby strip of bars that sell alcohol.

“I just imagine people getting drunk late at night or special occasions and they’re hanging around the parking garage or they’re not really in the right state of mind,” Khan added.

“I hope the situation with the crime calms down and I hope the college works out something to make parking lots more secure during the night,” Arteaga said.

“I’m just going to do a buddy system just make sure that I have someone with me just in case. Make sure to lock up my car and report anything if I see something suspicious going on,” Rodriguez said.

Leaders at San Antonio College plan to have a more comprehensive look at crime stats in October.

Meantime they say they’ re committed to ensuring the Tobin Lofts are safe.

ACPD patrols the area 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.