Crime Lines 03/16/2021 – 03/22/2021 – The Bottom Line News | #College. | #Students

03/17/2021 Assist Other Agency (FPD) – Assisted FPD on East College Avenue with a possible disturbance.

03/17/2021 Assist Other Agency – Assisted C3I with a search warrant at Annapolis and Westminster Hall.

03/17/2021 Suspicious – Officers responded to the area of Center Street and Charles Street for unknown trouble. Officers canvassed the area but were unable to locate any suspicious activity.

03/17/2021 Assist Other Agency (FPD & C3I) – Assisted FPD and C3I on Center Street while one male was taken into custody and transported to CPD.

03/17/2021 Administrative Paper Service – After Officers received paperwork from Frostburg State University Dean of Students, paperwork was transported to the Cumberland Police Department where two subjects were served Trespass Notice Forms. A third subject was served with a suspension/trespass paperwork. The final subject was also served with suspension/trespass paperwork at Allegany County Detention Center.

03/18/2021 Theft – Misdemeanor – Officers responded to Chesapeake Lot for a tampering with motor vehicle/theft from vehicle complaint. The complainant advised the front drivers side tire was removed from the car sometime in the last four days. Officers reviewed Ocularis footage with negative results of finding a suspect. Investigation continuing.

03/19/2021 Assist Other Agency (FPD) – Officers responded to Hi-Way Pizza for a possible disturbance. Frostburg units advised no disturbance occurred only loud individuals leaving the establishment.

03/19/2021 Damage to Property – While officers were assisting a stranded driver in State Street Lot with a jumpstart, the complainants vehicle door was caught by wind and blew open onto another vehicle. Insurance information was exchanged between the two individuals.

03/19/2021 CDS – Officers responded to Westminster Hall for a report of an odor of marijuana. As a result o the investigation a Judicial Board referral was submitted.

03/21/2021 Trespassing – While Officers were patrolling on Braddock Road, they observed two individuals riding skateboards on University Drive. Contact was made with the individuals and advised that skateboarding was not prohibited on University property. Subjects left the scene. Upon returning to police headquarters, it was learned one of the individuals had been suspended from FSU. The two individuals were seen on the Ocularis system walking north, through the P.E. Center Lot. Investigating is continuing. Judicial Board was submitted.

03/22/2021 Assist Other Agency (FPD) – Assisted FPD by detaining one subject, not a student in the FSUPD holding cell.

03/22/2021 Fraud – Officers made contact with a student at HQ in reference to a fraud incident. The complainant advised that she believed that a job that she applied for may have been fraudulent. After an interview with the complainant, a Maryland Uniform Identity Fraud/Theft Report was completed. Investigation is continuing until additional information is obtained.

Summary period includes 128 calls for service and 3 Traffic Stops.

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