Crime Reports for Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020 | #College. | #Students

SALT CREEK ROAD – A vehicle was reported in the middle of the roadway with a man asleep inside. Deputy made contact with the man who was finally awakened after a significant amount of time. During the investigation, probable cause was developed to search the vehicle. The deputy instructed the man to stand in front of his patrol car, at which point the man proceeded to unbuckle his pants and attempted to urinate in the driveway of a residence. He was arrested.

DENVER STREET – Complainant advised his unlocked company truck was burglarized.

PIONEER ROAD – A man reported someone dumped household furniture on his property and wished to prosecute.

COUNTY ROAD 3250 – Complainant called and said sometime between yesterday afternoon and today around noon, his rear license plate went missing. Complainant was unsure if it was stolen or had fallen off and was lost in Wise County. Complainant was unable to provide any suspects or persons of interest. Complainant asked for the incident to be documented for future reference at this time.

PRIVATE ROAD 3683 – A woman fled the scene of an assault after being shot at and beaten severely in the head. The complainant was picked up at a location by medics and taken to Wise Health System. Criminal Investigation Division was contacted and advised to file charges at large. A family violence packet was completed. During the course of the interview, the suspect called the victim and threatened her and her family. Multiple charges were filed.

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