Cruel kids bully schoolgirl, aged 10, write LOSER on her forehead

– School bullies held girl on the floor of a school bus and wrote the word “loser” on her forehead with a permanent marker

– The distraught girl arrived home in tears and narrated the incident to her parents

– Her parents in turn informed the school’s authorities, who conducted an investigation and disciplined the bullies

In a heartbreaking incident, school bullies in Iowa, US, held a 10-year-old girl on the floor of their school bus and wrote the word “loser” on her forehead using a permanent marker. They also drew a beard and a mustache around her lips.

A distraught Raeann Dabney arrived home crying and narrated the disturbing incident to her parents, who took pictures of the drawings as evidence.

Raeann’s father Zach reported the matter to the school’s authorities and said the incident had left him angry. He added that his daughter is an intelligent student.

Raeann said she was hurt by the incident and could not understand why the bullies targeted her.

The school’s authorities conducted an investigation and put two girls involved in the bullying incident through a disciplinary process.