Crystal meth bust was only 900 grams, not 2kg as initially reported, clarify Phuket police

Thachadchai Police have recalled their initial report about a multi-million-baht crystal meth bust at the Thachadchai Police Station, claiming that that bust was much smaller than initially reported.

Though it was initially reported that police had seized two kilogrammes of crystal meth – which would have a street value upwards of 6 million baht – police now claim that the weight of the booty was less than half that.

Pol Lt Col Nikorn Chuthong, deputy commander of Thachadchai Police clarified that the drugs police seized early this morning from three suspects from Suratthani were concealed in two packages, which together weighed only about 900 grams.

Based on the street value of B3,000 a gram, said amount of drugs could fetch about B2.7 million on the streets.

According to Lt Col Nikorn, the initial police report, typed and signed by all three suspects and several police officers, was “the wrong police report, sent [to the media] by accident.”

However, The Phuket News notes that the number “two” was hand-written in traditional Thai script (), preceeding the typed word kilogramme, while the rest of the report, barring signatures, was also typed (See photo).

That initial police report also listed a phone number of a woman named “Ann” who had allegedly hired the three suspects to deliver the drugs to an undisclosed location in Tha Reua in Thalang.

Asked about the status of this lead, Lt Col Nikorn said that “nothing came of it,”.

The [three] suspects have already accepted the charges of possession of category 1 drug with intent to sell,” Lt Col Nikorn said, adding that police are not pursuing any leads about the source of the drugs.

In related news, a majority of Phuket pollsters recently surveyed think that Thailand should seriously re-consider its dead-end “war on drugs”, and/or pursue big time dealers instead of mules and small-time users

Meanwhile, tensions remain high between police and local residents in Thalang as a result of recent drug-suppression incidents under investigation.

The Thalang riots last month represented the worst street violence in Phuket in decades, and were sparked after two teen “drug suspects” were killed in a high speed police chase.

Police claimed that the suspects, 22 and 17, were in possession of meth pills (Ya Ba) and kratom, which was refuted by some locals, who accused police of planting the drugs on the young men.

But police claim that the riot agitators, for whom 66 arrest warrants have now been issued, were in fact local drug dealers who wanted revenge on police for arresting fellow drug dealers.

Following the riots, all officers involved in the police chase were transferred and most recently, the Phuket Police Commander was transferred to Ratchaburi.