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CONNECTICUT —The number of Connecticut students infected with the coronavirus rose 34 cases in the past week, to 895, a 4 percent increase. The number of infections among school district staff fell 29 cases, to 140, a 17 percent drop.

Across the state 485 schools are now teaching fully in-person, 67 more from last week, and a 16 percent increase. There was also a slight increase in districts using which now operate completely remotely. The difference is seen in a sharp decline in the schools using the hybrid attendance model.

Where the student or staff member — which includes teachers, custodial staff, clerical, bus transport, food service and administrators — got infected is not tracked in the data. Investigations to date have shown the great majority of students or staff are getting infected in the community outside of the school, according to the state Department of Public Health

Data presented below are the total of all student and staff cases reported for a school for the previous week, Thursday – Wednesday. If no cases were reported, 0 cases are displayed. If a school reported 1-5 cases, <6 is displayed. If 6 or more cases were reported, the exact number is displayed. In order to ensure confidentiality, data are suppressed for all schools reporting 1-5 cases for a particular reporting period.

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