Cuomo Slams NYC On Police Reform Inaction, Crime | #College. | #Students

NEW YORK CITY — Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted city leaders for continued inaction on state-mandated police reform talks and rising crime rates in the city.

Cuomo on Thursday lobbed his broadsides as protesters across the country, including New York City, took to the streets over a decision to not press charges against the cops involved in Breonna Taylor’s death.

He called Taylor’s death “murder” that underscored the need for police reforms — a process he ordered jurisdictions across the state to start a community dialogue on public safety by April. New York City, however, has not begun the process, despite rising tensions and distrust between police and the communities they serve, he said.

“Step up and lead — 146 jurisdictions are doing it,” he said. “Why isn’t New York City doing it? The mayor can lead it. The City Council president can lead it. The controller can lead it. The public advocate could lead it. If none of them want to lead it, I will find someone to lead it.”

Cuomo also said it is a “fact” the city has a problem with crime, noting shootings with victims are up 103 percent.

He drew a connection between rising crime and the tension between communities and police. The tension must be resolved, he said.

“If you don’t do it, everybody gets hurt,” he said.

The attacks on New York City’s leadership didn’t stop there. Cuomo also expressed skepticism over Mayor Bill de Blasio’s repeated calls for the state to give the city authority to borrow long term to help cover a $9 billion coronavirus-related budget shortfall.

“I believe it would be reckless to approve any long-term borrowing without a financial control board,” Cuomo said.

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