Cyber Bullying | Owning Your Own Name By Gregory Evans

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Gregory evans talking about importance of owning your own name

Gregory Evans CEO, and Founder of Hi-Tech Crime Solutions which is the parent company of National Cyber Security give tips about protecting yourself from Cyber Bullying.
Transcription summery: 
 In this fast-changing world of information technology it is important to own online assets like social media pages and websites that represents your brand or identity. Because this is a very common loophole that exploiters or cyber criminals who wants to destroy someone’s good will or brand might use to harrase or victimize a person. Gregory Evans, who is an expert in cyber security world has mentioned many times that people who

Gregory Evans, who is an expert in cyber security world has mentioned many times that people who wants to destroy your goodwill can easily create a website using your name as an EMD (exact match domain, and posting bad posts about you that can destroy your reputation. This could happen with your social media accounts like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google plus as well. Increased number of online reputation management cases is a proof that it has already begun.

With the expansion of cyber world, child bullying has involved into online bullying where one children can easily post mean things about another just to harras the victim. Gregory Evans strongly recommends parents to be aware of this issue and own+supervise all sorts of online assets related to your kid’s name and his identity. We want our childrean to grow up in a child friend situation, and things like cyber bullying is something that could potentially destroy the physical and mental development of your young ones. It is our job to take this matter seriously, and rise awareness among parents against online child bullying and owning online assets related to one’s child name.

Let’s stop cyber bullying together.