Cyber #bullying program #teaches M-E students to be #upstanders

ENDWELL, N.Y. – Students at Maine-Endwell High School are learning how to stand up to online bullies.

The Siena Upstander Ambassadors program traveled to Maine-Endwell High School this week.

As part of a partnership between Siena College and AT&T, Siena students travel to local schools to empower students to not be bystanders, but rather upstanders, who stand up for victims.

M-E students took part in role playing scenarios and discussed ways to combat the issue.

Emily Murphy is a Siena Junior and was also a victim of cyber bullying when she was in high school.

“You look at these Tweets and they have something like 40 “favorites” and 40 “Retweets.” Every student that’s favoriting and Retweeting those messages are playing into it. We want students to stop perpetuating cyber bullying in schools,” said Murphy.

Last Fall, Siena and AT&T conducted a study that revealed 25% of high school students are victims of cyber bullying.

The M-E students were trained on how to teach the program to younger kids in the district.