#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | 0.066% Indian netizens looking to delete social media accounts: Study | Digital

Reboot Online, a digital agency, has rolled out a report about users looking to exit social media.

This follows former French footballer Thierry Henry’s decision to quit social media due to cyberbullying and racism. 


The agency utilised online analytics tool Ahrefs to establish which countries citizens are most likely to quit social media based on key online searches indicating their clear intention to quit social media. 


Reboot Online classified and grouped consistently recurring Google searches by individuals on quitting social media such as ‘how to delete social media?’, ‘how to delete Facebook?’, ‘how to delete Instagram?’, ‘how to delete Tumblr?’, ‘how to delete TikTok’?, ‘how to delete Twitter?’ and ‘how to delete Snapchat?’ as online searches which most signify users’ desire to quit social media. 


In terms of users, citizens of the USA are the most likely to quit social media with an average 11,34,400 online searches per month indicating their intention to leave social media for good. 


In second position is India with an average of 4,97,940 online searches a month by Indians signalling their desire to quit social media. When considering the amount of active internet users in

India (755,820,000), 0.066% of Indian internet users are keen to quit social media each month.


The United Kingdom is in third place as there is an average of 3,08,850 online searches every month from Brits demonstrating their desire to exit social media permanently.  


Canada (1,09,120 online searches) and Australia (97,060 online searches) are among the other countries where there are more than 90,000 online searches per month from citizens indicating their ambition to quit social media for the foreseeable future, respectively ranking fourth and fifth.



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