#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Abhidnya Bhave slams cyber-bullying; says “we are public figures but you don’t own us”

Actress Abhidnya Bhave, who is a familiar face to the Marathi audience, slammed cyberbullies in her recent social media post.

In a lengthy note, Abhidnya admitted to having been bullied online and vowed to fight cyber bullying. She further warned fans to avoid posting abusive comments on her posts.

The actress wrote, “Cyber crime is something that is on a boom these days because of the more time we all are spending on social media. I too have been bullied on social media platform for various reasons. But henceforth i will report legally every comment that is false, misleading, judgemental, or abusive to me ( that includes messages in the spam).It’s not just at this point but almost on all influencer pages I have noticed a lot that has been said just because we are a public figure , but people expect you to behave , feel and think the way they feel is right, without knowing the fact !! And if you don’t do it..You are said to be irresponsible, not a good person or in marathi कलाकार आहात म्हणून काहीपण करायचं, कलाकार असल्याचा माज आहे etc etc (sic)”

Adding that no one has a right to say anything about her personal life, she said, “Before being a public figure i am a normal human being who was normal 10yrs back and will be normal all my life, and I give no one the right to comment or judge me for any of my personal or professional decisions! Even i ( who is a fan of huge stars) have no right to pass comment on any of their decisions that may not be correct in my ey (sic)”

Abhidnya Bhave also warned netizens of a strict action for posting offensive comments. She wrote, “Anything that I post on my page, the type of clothes i wear, what I promote , any picture ,any message is solely under my right because I own it, and I have my own individual opinions ( that might not always match yours). It should not be always connected to what religion i follow, what language i speak, or what country i live in. It’s my page, my sole property and no one has the right over it except me!! And hence I speak on behalf of all my friends….No such comment on any of our pages, on fb , youtube , twitter or any social media websites will be spared and will be reported henceforth. A humble request to those who don’t put accusive comments and a warning to those who do ….ह्यापुढे कुठल्याही चुकीला माफी नाही. WE ARE A PUBLIC FIGURE BUT YOU DONT OWN US!!!⭕”

Earlier, Marathi actresses like Rupali Bhosle and Neha Shitole have slammed trolls and cyber bullies. Rupali also filed a complaint against bullies for posting abusive comments on her pictures.

From spreading awareness on mental health to urging fans to save animals during the lockdown, Abhidnya tried her best to motivate fans.

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